Artist Bio

It’s said that to truly master an art, one must be willing to dedicate 5,000 hours to it

Wire sculptor Elizabeth Berrien has devoted closer to 95,000 hours to accomplish a virtuoso level of skill and artistry in wire… with a in intricate, fluidly expressive and highly detailed style that is distinctly unique.
Pursuing a childhood love of nature and animals while teaching herself knitting, weaving and other textile arts, by high school Elizabeth was pioneering the seldom-explored filed of contemporary wire sculpture. As her works received ever-widening recognition, Berrien exhibited in fine art galleries, museums and traveling exhibits. Her Innovative Wire Sculpture lesson plan introduced wire sculpture to art school curricula around the world – sparking an entire new wave of wire sculptors and earning her the moniker “Godmother of Wire”.
Berrien’s first foray into illustration, the BBC Cables ad campaign, skyrocketed to sweep all top international awards, including a Clio, Obie, Andy (2), Cannes Gold Lion (2), and dozens more. She proceeded to dazzle with a striking abstract wire installation for Hyundai Genesis TV ad, and continues to enjoy discussions for novel approaches to custom wirework.
Elizabeth Berrien resides in northern California.

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